Ayurveda Soapy Ritual: Balancing Body and Mind with Softness and SensualityIt is

Explore a balanced life, inspired by the fundamental principle of Ayurveda, which intrinsically connects body and mind. In Ritual Ayurveda Soapy, we combine the relaxing aromatization of Ayurveda with the softness and sensuality of Soapy, creating a perfect balance between relaxation and sensory indulgence.

Ayurvedic aromatization

We begin the journey with Mandi, introducing you to the serene aroma of Ayurveda, relaxing both the body and mind. This is the starting point for an experience that seeks holistic balance.

Ayurveda Soapy Ritual – An Energizing Ritual

We continue with an energizing ritual, using carefully chosen pareos and essential oils. Each movement is a symphony of revitalization, preparing you for the next phase of this unique experience.

Thai Sashet and Tobogan Soapy

Depending on available time, we dive into a Thai Sashet experience, followed by Tobogan Soapy. Each technique is performed masterfully, providing not only deep relaxation, but also a unique dose of sensuality.

Conclusion with Shower

The ritual reaches its climax with a revitalizing shower, refreshing and renewing the senses, leaving you invigorated and balanced.

Discover the luxury of the Ayurveda Soapy Ritual, where each element is meticulously thought out to create a holistic and sensorial experience. Schedule your session now and dive into this journey of balance and pleasure.

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