Hamam Bubble Bath Ritual: A Well-Being Journey Inspired by Ancient Bath Traditions

In our Hamam Bubble Bath Ritual, immerse yourself in history, where the ancient meets the modern, the intense intertwines with the calm, and the relaxing meets the sensual. We want you to experience the authentic power of our Hamam by closing your eyes, opening your soul and surrendering to the sensation of a ceremony of personal well-being.

Warm Ritual – Binding of the Evil Plague

The journey begins with a warm plague binding ritual, a tribute to ancient traditions that purifies and prepares the body for the transformative experience that follows.

Traditional with Modern Touches

We continue with the traditional, incorporating modern touches to create a unique experience. Every step pays homage to historic practices, redefined for contemporary comfort.

Thai Bubble Bath and Moroccan Gloves

The experience comes to life with a light Thai Thai bubble bath, complemented by the luxurious touch of Moroccan gloves. A lush body scrub prepares the skin for the next phase of the journey.

Mandi Bahasa and Deep Hydration

Mandi Bahasa elevates the experience, followed by deep hydration with oils, creams, soufflé, and our signature mist. Each touch is a gesture of care, rejuvenating body and soul.

Discover the charm of Hamam and indulge in this unique journey that balances tradition and modernity. Schedule your session now and let us guide you through a well-being experience that transcends time.

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